Credits as Cinematographer, MoVI Op, and 1st. References available upon request.






Second Act (2018) STX Entertainment

Killer Christmas (2017)         Shaker Productions

Good Posture (2018)             Good Posture Film

Love in Kilnerry (2019)            Archway Pictures

2050 (2019)                               Butterfly Chasers

YES (2019) Different Duck Films

Game Ready (2019)  Shaker Productions

The Gift (2018)                      License 2 Imagine

The Trail (2017)                       DreamCatcher Ent

Accent Fatale (2018)          Farside Pictures

State of the State (2019)                            U + A

DP: Ueli Steiger

DIR: Shaker Brothers

DP: Ryan Eddleston

DP: J. Eric Camp

DP: Jared Roybal

DP: Cole Sprague

DIR: Peter Paul Shaker

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: Jon Mercer

DP: Tommy Agriodimas

Camera Op (P) VARIOUS

DP / Cam Op              SONY FS7

MoVI Tech / 1st AC    ALEXA Mini

1st AC, A Cam                RED Scarlet

Gimbal Tech / 1st AC   SONY a7rII

1st AC / Gimbal Tech RED Epic-W

DP / Cam Op              RED Epic

MoVI Op                     ALEXA Mini

Gimbal Op                  SONY FS700

MoVI Tech / 1st AC RED Epic

1st AC / DIT                    ALEXA Mini




Entitled (2019) PILOT

Class Pass (2018)                                        LiveX

Karate Combat: NYC (2018) RMJ Creative

The Loop, S1 (2018) Whistle Sports

Scorsese/Nichols: 25th Year (2018) TCM

Puggle Trouble S1 (2019) NETFLIX

Younger, S5 E1 (2018)                        TV LAND

WACO, TV Mini-Series (2018)  PARAMOUNT

Sunday Night Live (2018) HAMMERSTEIN

Tiffany & Co. "New Store Concept" (2018)

Mastercard SZA "Live" (2018)                   CBS

Dir: Ryan Sarno

TD: Anna Cowdery

DP: Rob Mac

DP: John Doe

DP: Lukasz Pruchnik

DP: Seamus Tierney

DP: Leland Krane

DP: Rob Mac

TD: Various

DP: Ryan Foregger

DP: Marc Bloomgarden

DP / MoVI Op RED Epic

Gimbal Op                 SONY FS5


Cam Op, A Cam SONY FS7

Cam Op, A Cam / DIT RED Epic

MoVI Tech / 1st AC PV RED Gemini

1st AC (Studio Unit)         SONY F55

AC (Video Segments)      SONY FS7

Live MoVI Op C300 MkII

Camera Op                      C300 MkII

Assistant Camera             SONY FS7


Design + Release (2019) VICE

Heart for the House (2018) Hillsong NYC

Karlie Kloss: Style (2019) Carolina Herrera

Lagos Spring Campaign (2019) Social

Bryant Park Pop-Up (2018) Facebook

It Takes a Village (2018)              Hillsong NYC

Class Pass New Years (2018) CP

Viva Latino: Thalia (2018) SPOTIFY

McDonald's Sound Bites (2018)       Remezcla

Pleased to Present (2017)  JP Studios

Tide (for P&G) (2018)                   Studio Matter

A.L.C. Apparel Fall (2018)       Rasmussen Prod

New York Comic Con (2017)                 STARZ

Eli Costello "Toast" (2017)           Scene Sounds

Cinematographer RED Epic

DP / MoVI Op C300mkII

MoVI Op RED Epic

MoVI Op / 1st AC ALEXA Mini

MoVI Op Canon C300

MoVI Op ALEXA Mini / RED Epic

Camera Op ALEXA Mini

1st AC, A Cam ALEXA Mini

1st AC / DIT                   RED Epic-W

DP / Gimbal Op Canon 5D MkIV

1st AC / DIT                   ALEXA Mini

1st AC                             RED Scarlet

AC / Cam Op               SONY a7rII

Gimbal Op                    SONY a7rII

Dir: Nicole Gardner

DIR: Mike Q

DP: Daniel Contaldo

DP: Sarah Tyler

DP: Raul G

DP: Scott Richard

DP: Max Chin

DP: Ed Herrera

DP: Daniel Contaldo

DIR: Khalid Jones

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: Tommy Agriodimas

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Jared Roybal