Lust Life (2019)                Immortality Productions

Death of a Nation (2018)                  DML Films

Good Posture (2018)             Good Posture Film

The Faithful (2018)                       Imperfect Films

Love in Kilnerry (2018)           Archway Pictures

Ask For Jane (2018)           NYEH Entertainment

Do Unto Others (2018)            Lifetime Network

2050 (2018)                               Butterfly Chasers

Betrayal of a Nation (2017)            Yet2Evolve

Killer Christmas (2017)        Shaker Productions

State of the State (2019)                           U + A

Family Day (2018)                      Family Day LLC

Lie To Me (2018)                      License 2 Imagine

Day Dream (2018)                   Brooklyn College

The Trail (2017)                       DreamCatcher Ent

DP: Ari Rothschild

DP: Jon Carr

DP: Ryan Eddleston

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: J. Eric Camp

DP: Caitlin Machak

DP: Brian J. Reynolds

DP:  Jared Roybal

DP: J Shotti

Dir: PeterPaul Shaker

DP: Tommy Agriodimas

DP: Jared Roybal

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: Youngsun Lim

DP: Suzi Sadler

1st AC (Additional)         ALEXA Mini

1st AC (Additional)      RED Weapon

1st AC                              ALEXA Mini

1st AC                          ALEXA Classic

1st AC, A Cam                RED Scarlet

1st AC (Dayplayer)          ALEXA Plus

2nd AC                             ALEXA Plus

1st AC                             SONY a7rII

1st AC                             SONY a7sII

Camera Op                    SONY a7sII

1st AC / DIT                    ALEXA Mini

1st AC                              ALEXA Mini

1st AC / DIT                     RED Raven

1st AC                               C300 MkII

1st AC                          SONY FS700








Class Pass (2018)                                        LiveX

Younger, S5 E1 (2018)                        TV LAND

WACO, TV Mini-Series (2018)  PARAMOUNT

The Rubber Room (2018)                          PILOT

Sesame Workshop (2017)                          PBS

Younger, S4 "Promos" (2017)            TVLAND

The Loop, S1 E2 (2018)                Whistle Sports

Tiffany & Co. "New Store Concept" (2018)

Mastercard SZA "Live" (2018)                   CBS

Ridiculous Cakes (2017)                          FOOD

Real World, The Challenge (2017)          MTV

TRL (2017)                                   VIACOM / MTV

MTV Beach House (2017)                   VIACOM

TD: Aubrey Russell

DP: Leland Krane

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Zack Auron

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Marc Bloomgarden


DP: Ryan Foregger

DP: Marc Bloomgarden

DP: Ryan Moon

DP: Leland Krane

TD: Marc Bloomgarden

DP: Bloomgarden / Krane

Camera Op                DJI Ronin/FS5

1st AC (Studio Unit)         SONY F55

AC (Video Segments)      SONY FS7

1st AC                            RED Scarlet

DIT                                   C300 MkII

AC / Utility                      SONY FS7

Cam Op, A Cam              SONY FS7

Camera Op                      C300 MkII

Assistant Camera             SONY FS7

AC / DIT                  C300 MkII/5D

2nd AC                            SONY FS7

Camera Utility                  C300 MkII

Camera Utility           C300 MkII/5D


MD/FD (2018)                               Hillsong NYC

McDonald's Sound Bites (2018)       Remezcla

Tide (for P&G) (2018)                   Studio Matter

A.L.C. Apparel Fall (2018)       Rasmussen Prod

Class Pass "How To" (2018)            Syndicated

The Rennie (2018)                           Lock Studios

Lagos Holiday Campaing (2018)    Globaliza

Today Show Winter Olympics (2018)    NBC

NIX Ultra (2018)                                    Zoomari

Olivia Noelle "MoG" (2017)                   VEVO

New York Comic Con (2017)                 STARZ

Tweezerman (2017)                  Tweezerman Inc

Eli Costello "Toast" (2017)           Scene Sounds

Find Common Ground (2017)          UNTUCKit

Kingsman 2 "Promo" (2017)                    ESPN

Orchestral Cores (2017)                    D'Addario

Live Nation: Marian HIll (2017)             Twitter

Frienship Test (2017)                            Bud Light

Ford & 4G LTE WiFi (2016)                       FORD

Cam Op   ALEXA Mini / RED Scarlet

1st AC / DIT                   RED Epic-W

1st AC / DIT                   ALEXA Mini

1st AC                             RED Scarlet

1st AC                                 Sony FS7

1st AC / DIT                    RED Scarlet

2nd AC                            ALEXA Mini

2nd AC                            ARRI Amira

DIT                                   SONY FS7

1st AC                              ALEXA Mini

AC / Op                         SONY a7rII

1st AC                               SONY FS7

1st AC                             SONY a7rII

2nd AC                            ALEXA Mini

2nd AC                            ALEXA Mini

2nd AC                            C300 MkII

Camera Utility                 SONY FS7

Camera Utility                 SONY FS7

Assistant Camera             RED Raven

DP: Scott Richard

DP: Daniel Contaldo

DP: Henrik A. Meyer

DP: Tommy Agriodimas

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Tommy Agriodimas

DP: Sarah Tyler

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Rob Mac

DP: Jake Saner

DP: Daniel Marracino

DP: Henrik Meyer

DP: Jared Roybal

DP: John Golden

DP: Marc Bloomgarden

DP: Sham Hinchey

DP: Bloomgarden / McEnaney

TD: Mike Steele

DP: Paul Slupski

REFERENCES (more info available on request)

Jon Mercer | Director of Photography

Ryan Eddleston | Director of Photography

Jared Roybal | Director of Photography

Jason Cleary | First Assistant Camera

Kyle Taylor | First Assistant Camera

Zack Auron | First Assistant Camera

Kelli Wilcoxen | Second Assistant Camera

J. Eric Camp | DIT / Director of Photography

Brian J. Reynolds | Director of Photography

Marc Bloomgarden | Director of Photography

Rob McEnaney | Director of Photography

Daniel Sariano | Camera Operator

Nick Czerula | Camera Operator

Brendan Zoltowski | Assistant Camera / DIT